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HÅG Capisco Stool, H8106
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The HÅG Capisco chair is designed for movement allowing you to sit in a variety of positions as your work. Sit in a forward straddled position, in a backward position using the backrest for forearm support or even sideways without limiting your freedom to move! This non-traditional chair encourages creativity!

The unique shape of the backrest provides perfect support in numerous sitting positions without restricting the ability to move and is made for greater freedom of movement, variation and natural sitting positions. The saddle seat can be adjusted between low and high working positions, all the way up to standing, enabling you to be more dynamic in your movements. Great for sit-stand, height adjustable workstations, ultra-sound technicians and other medical or laboratory environments.

HÅG Capisco responds intuitively to the body’s natural movements and provides unlimited possibilities for variation of the seated posture.

Dynamic ergonomy

Ever wondered what the best position to sit in is? It’s always the next one! An ergonomic chair is one that follows you naturally into your next seating position. It should heed the body’s movements, both small and large, and stay still when the body wants it to. With a chair that follows the body, the user can focus on work while the body supplies the needs of the muscles that are activated. You move your whole body without even thinking about it. Good blood circulation is fundamental to a healthy body and clarity of thought.