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Contour Design RollerMouse Red, RM-RED
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Looking for an alternative mouse then look no further.  The RollerMouse Red provides a unique solution to the traditional mouse by eliminating the need to reach for your mouse helping to minimize stress to your neck, shoulders, and elbows. The roller-bar mouse allows you to easily move the cursor with your left or right fingers with minimal pressure and without having to lift your hands. One of the best alternative mice products we've found.

Award-winning design.Experience unrivaled feel, speed and pinpoint accuracy from a sleek, aluminum ergonomic mouse.

Built-in precision.RollerMouse Red features intuitive 7SENSES tracking technology that adapts to your pace while keeping the rollerbar as central as possible. 7SENSES features one laser sensor and six peripheral sensors located within the rollerbar designed to make our mouse feel like an extension of your fingertips.

Effortless control.With a larger rollerbar than its predecessors, and a left click that has been virtualized to minimize impact on your fingertips, RollerMouse Red goes above and beyond standard mouse technology to minimize unnecessary strain.

Choose your level of support.Increase your palm support with RollerMouse Red plus, or extend the support through your shoulders and forearm by adding an ArmSupport Red. The latest addition to the RollerMouse Red family, ArmSupport Red, clamps right onto your desk and aligns the upper body to reduce muscle strain in your neck, back, arms and wrists while sitting or standing.

Want to keep the standard wrist rest and try the features of RollerMouse Red plus? Try the Red plus palm support.